Financial Domination Money Slavery

Enter the dominating realm of fin domme redhead with glasses Mistress Shannon!

GIVE yourself to me!! I want to OWN you. Your mind, your emotions, your MONEY!

If you're a pay pig or wallet slave needing financial domination or money slavery, 

then take out your wallet right NOW and put it out in front of you! DO it, Piggie!!


Remember that and you'll survive your humiliation. Become a Mistress Addict Now! 

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Warning !
Read the warning below before continuing!

             Enter Financial Domination Hell!

 This financial domination money slavery site is made for sub males to give themselves mentally and be obedient, submissive servants to my whims, 

as their redheaded MISTRESS, PRINCESS, GODDESS  in whatever manner I choose including sissification, femdom,  humiliation and more!

.I, fin domme Mistress Shannon, will make use of techniques such as dominant control, restrictions, persuasion, repetitive behavior, chanting etc.

You must be prepared to do as I say without question. You will be given a cum allowance and cum denial will be part of your online training. 
  Anything submitted to me through this website including text, audio, video, items, materials, gifts, cash, assets, tributes etc may be shown here or 

on my money slave blog to become MY property! Don't send anything that you aren't prepared to lose or have used in consensual blackmail!)

You must be of  legal age in your area to enter as this website contains adult related themes and images.

I have read and understood the warning above and now wish to

Exit             Enter Money Slavery Humiliation

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